The App where Pdfs can generated in multiple ways .

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Converting Images to Pdf.

Our App makes it simple to convert images of jpeg,jpg and png format to pdf.
We are using jsPDF named library which is lite to appear and fast to render. hence,The library makes app more fast and serverless. So,You have no need of fast Network connectivity

Markdown to pdf Convert .

We use github flavoured markdown to convert markdown code into pdf file.
The css of markdown is also similar to github so, you will able to convert it into ultimate way.
AfterAll you are able to convert github readmes in markdown pdf. We also support to convert from readme url of github .

cature , select and PDF

This online pdf maker helps you to make pdf via selection or capturing the phots

Cropping photos.

In this app you are able to crop pictures before final command

screenshot showing that here you can make pdfs from images jpgtopdf screenshot showing that you are able to make pdf from markdown screenshot showing that you are able customize ui in this app

Enjoy serverless Experience

Our APP is rendering pdfs with jsPDF so , render speed of our app is super fast than other server-based apps.